Reset W/DSET FunkFest23 Putting Funk back on the menu for you to enjoy your journey back down memory lane

Reset W/DSET Drive Thru Taking you back to “Skating Rink Days” only on Reset With DSET.  Check me out on Military Broadcast Radio M-F 1 pm Mountain

Reset W/DSET AnotherResetAgain Music touches everyone in different ways, it brings back good memories and good times, and it relaxes you for the moment when the world seems more challenging, but for me, “When I Hear Music, It Makes Me Dance”😁 -Debbie Deb

Reset W/DSET My Resets Reset With DSET is for that moment, that one song, that takes you back to those good times.  This is for you to “Reset” your day and energize yourself to finish the rest.  DJ Sag E. Tarius

Reset W/DSET Pennys Playlist “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.”-Frank Zappa

Reset W/DSET “You Make Me Work” and there is nothing I would rather do than prepare and play music for you. I served my country and retired from the United States Army, now I have the chance to give back with some good tunes that give you a chance to “RESET” step back and take […]

Reset W/DSET Rock Dis Funky Joint “Music is like a time machine, certain songs will bring back certain memories during certain times”-DJ Sag E. Tarius

Reset W/DSET Old School Jammy Jamz, music taking you back to the 80’s.

Reset With DSET “Mixed Up World” This world is all mixed up, there’s something going on.-Timex Social Club You know, this world is all mixed up, but on the positive side, you still got DJ Sag E. Tarius, and my show “Reset With DSET” here for your listening pleasure.  That is what “Reset With DSET” […]

Reset W/DSET Pre Valentine’s Day It’s about that time, so lets prepare ourselves with music to get us ready for that special day.  I want to take you back to those jamz that had you movin and groovin.  Tune in to “Reset With DSET” M-F 3pm Eastern on Military Broadcast Radio, or just say “ALEXA” […]

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