Reset W/DSET What is Reset With DSET

Written by on January 27, 2023

Reset W/DSET What is Reset With DSET

It’s all about those old songs that take you back to those good memories and good times.  That’s what Reset With DSET is all about, just for that one hour, I am here for you, giving you nothing but the best in “Old School” music.

As a retired army veteran, I definitely remember how hard basic training was and without the luxury of listening to the radio, only when we ate at the Mess Hall.  AIT, I knew no one, just me and my Walkman, playing nothing but Lisa Lisa, Starpoint, Midnight Star, etc.  But those were my chance to escape and relax to some good tunes.  When I play those old songs today, it puts me back to that moment when I was far from home but the relaxing songs made a difference.

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