A few weeks ago, at the start of the COVID -19 crisis, Joel set me up to broadcast from home. He loaned me a few cables, a mixing board and a set of headphones with a mic attached. I was extremely intimidated about putting all this together, I have never had to do something like this before. Joel sent me a simple diagram on how to put everything together , and once I had it all assembled, he and I had a FaceTime call and we went over all the connections and had a sound check. He talked me through the appropriate settings and within 10 minutes we were good to go. We immediately began conducting interviews through the equipment using the Skype and Zoom platforms with guests that had great information to share with the veteran community. The equipment has been very user friendly, stable and confidence inspiring. I’m a veteran with a closed head injury, tackling projects like this are very intimidating, this equipment and Joel’s instruction made it an absolute pleasure and fun to do. Thanks -Rob