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  • Monday - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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    2 thoughts on “The H-Train Show

    1. Gina Green

      I was contact by Brandy Jones for interview, I have not been able for Brandy Jones. Can someone contact Brandy and have her to call Gina Green 773-221-4824, Thank you

    2. DJ Diva Tunes

      I really enjoyed the Beer30 Show when i tuned in on 08-22-2016-Music was great. I found the value of information a usefull source for all who may want to support Veterans and Troops,such as Vetrans Closet and more. These Non Profit Organisations are excellent. Interviews with those who brought these to life and run them are awesome. All the information that helps our Troops our Heroes i think is priceless.
      I will tune in more and check out other shows you hosted. You ARE TOPS Keep up the EXCELLENCE
      Thanks for GREAT SHOW!!


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