(Recorded on Sunday, February 3)

Ephesians 4:7-10


None of us would be in the kingdom of God without the grace of God. It’s not what you do that defines you, but the grace of God that defines you. Once you’ve tasted of the things of the Lord, you don’t care for the taste of the world anymore.


Unity in the Body of Christ includes one: Body, Spirit, Hope, Lord, Faith, Baptism, God (Ephesians 4:4-5).


God’s enabling grace gives you the calling to walk worthy. God determines our spiritual gifts. If some of us aren’t doing our job, the body suffers. But the first one who suffers is you. If you’re not doing your part, you are missing a blessing.


There’s a lot of distraction out there and we need to pay close attention to whether something is our calling, or our desire. Are you trying to do someone else a favor (God’s will), or are you doing it for yourself (self will)?


The prayer we should pray every day is, “God, in everything I do, and everyone I meet, and every decision I make, let me bring praise, honor and glory to you,” and, “Not my will, but thy will be done.”


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